Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Getting stuff done

                                       Teal Mini quilt done for Ovarian Cancer Month.

                        I have been very busy this week getting some small but outstanding projects done.  I finished my teal mini quilt for the swap and now have it in the mail.  I have worked on getting stuff ready for the show next week and have everything packed for that.

                      We went back up to the house in Indiana and packed more stuff up.  Now we need to get a mover to move everything down here.   We also found out that we have are final permits for the house and can get started on that. I believe they are going to start next week.  I have been working on getting some Christmas ornament done and finalizing classes for next years shows.  I have a cruise in Feb which is being done by the Ft Lauderdale Bead Society which I am going to as well a a trip to Spain for some classes in Cold Porcelain Dolls.

                    I worked on repairing some of the teddy bears that got destroyed by the raccoons up at the other house
                          New eyes and paws stitched back up and stuffing added where needed.  You really can not tell that they were tattered and torn now.  I still have 4 more to get done and I think that I am missing some still.

                      Made a cute little apron for my partner in the Sunflower swap  Also found some cute little sunflowers to send her.
                       The rain has been coming down hard today and we are due to have several more days of it.  I believe it is from Tropical storm Julia.   So nice of her to share the rain. 

                                 Well,  that's all the news from the south,  
                                Happy" farming" to all the farm girl sisters out there.
                                See you next week. down on the farm.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hurrican Hermine

                                             Rain water sitting in the swale at the farm

   The hurricane was not too bad to use,  We were without power for 31 hours,  but we have a generator so it really was the neighborhood with out power.   We did lose two trees and had lots of limbs down.  But we also lost a really old oak tree that we will have to have someone cut down for us this next month.  the tree is about 100-140 years old and is rotten on the inside.

    I am doing a mini quilt swap for Ovarian cancer month.  I have pulled the fabrics that I want to ue and now I just have to cut and assemble them
    I think that the person that is getting this will really like it.

     I have been working on other projects trying to get them done, and think that when this month is over I am going to lock myself away for a week and work on some of my more outstanding projects ( by that I mean the ones that have been started and are now hanging around  unfinished.)

    I found this really cool looking mushroom on one of the oak stumps and thought it was really neat

                              Well,  that's all the news from the south,  
                              Happy" farming" to all the farm girl sisters out there.
                                See you next week. down on the farm.