Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Question

In this day and age, have you really thought about what being a Christian really means? I feel that many of us have strayed from the real values of Christianity. How can we get ourselves back on the correct track so that we can experience the Glory of God. There are several books written about what we should do to be a better Christian. The book that I have found most helpful is God expects Perfect. ( Total Victory Perspective) by Randy Hignight. That title might discourage or offend a lot of people, but the lessons are so simple that it is a shame that more people don't know about this.
I ddon't want to offend anyone with too much talk so i will leave it at that. I do know that the book helped me to see things more clearly and made me feel that I am now walking a little closer to God.


I wonder at the enorminity of it all. How did I get started on this. I know that I liked making special pieces of jewlery for myself. But how did it get to this. I have started my own little business of jewlery making. People always tell me how beautiful my pieces are. So maybe I can make money doing this and support a habit for my self. I have formed a company called RRANDJS Creations. It is hard getting all of this together, Web pages,pictures of my jewlery , and my photos and egg art, andgetting them all uploaded.I like simplicity and this is not simple. But I guess if this is meant to be, then it will all work out and I can get back into crafting jewlery. I hope that my work will be pleasing to people and they will want to buy my works .
( I always have a hard time accepting the compliments that I get for my work, cause I don't always think that my work is that beautiful.)
I have so many pieces of jewlery waiting to get out of my head and into the form that they are supposed to be, that it is actually scary. I am always afraid that I will have some sort of accident with head trauma and then they will be stuck in there for ever. I hope that someday they will be compleate and the rest of the world will get to enjoy them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

jewlery in the making.

I love making my jewlery, I just wish that I had more time to get the ideas out of my head and on paper or done. it is awful to wake up in the middle of the night and have ideas running thru your head and not be able to get them on paper fast enough. I don't know how many designs I have lost to not being able to translate the picture in my head to paper.

My brain is alway thinking, even when I am at work , about my jewlery and the other forms of crafts that i like to do, but there is never enough time to get everything done. What a shame.