Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Crazy farm week.

                                     Figs growing on a fig tree.

                    Well,  it has been a busy few days at the  farm.  We have been replacing the culverts in the driveways into the farm.  Actually we have one just about done.  We still have the cement apron to do and backfill with crushed limestone.    That should happen today.

                   I put up another 7 pints of pickles, but I think we are at the end of that for this year, ass the plants seem to be dying off   My squash is already dead, and so are two tomato plants.  Of course they are the heirloom ones.   I keep hoping that they might come back as the stem is still green.  ( keeping my fingers crossed)   My grape vines have leaves, but don't seem to be getting any taller.  and I fertalized the citrus trees,  5 minutes before it rained.  And my new Peach trees are dead.  I am not having good luck with the weather. Too Hot and too Wet.  Also my Loofha  sponges are blooming like crazy,  but no gourds hanging yet.  And the birdhouse gourds died.    And the broccoli plants grew but never produced.

                  And of course,  we have had lots of butterflies coming through,  and where is my camera.  In my purse.  not in my pocket.  so do I have any photos to help me identify them.  Nooooo.    Arrrggghhh!

                 I had to run to Tractor Supply to get Chicken crumble and treats ( mealworms and harvest delight) and saw this in the parking lot.  The owner did say she was still  a work in progress
               And yes the tag on the side does say Dodge Brothers.   I would love to have something like this for the farm.

              I start the mowing again on Saturday.  Every nine days is a good time frame.  altho I felt like I was making hay the last time since it had been longer.

           Well,  thats all the news from the south,  
Happy" farming" to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next week. down on the farm.



Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moringa, and other musings

                                                     Sunflower from the garden this year.

           Well,  I finished off last week by putting up 4 quarts of spicy pickles and 4 quarts of spicy figs.   They have jalapenos in them.  They canned up nicely, and sealed but the steam from the jalapenos just about did me in.

           I went to the farmers market on Saturday,  and found a new herb,  at least new to me.  It is called Moringa.  and is actually a tree, where you harvest the leaves, bark, flowers , fruit, seed and roots.  All of these can e used to make medicines.  Moringa is native to the sub-Himalayan areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.  It will also go in the tropics.     Here in Fla.  it will grow  but will freeze back in winter if planted outside.

       Moringa leaves are the most nutritious part of the plant.  The leaves can be dried and added to food  such as soups,  smoothies, meats and vegetables.  or they can be used fresh and eaten like spinach.    It aids in numerous diseases such as arthritis,  joint pain, asthma, constipation, high blood pressure and bacterial infections,  just to name a few.

       I bought two small trees to grow,  and I am going to try to keep them in large pots so that I can move them into a sheltered area when the temp gets too low.   I hope to be able to harvest every few weeks,  as the tree actually grows quite quickly.

     My chicks have been laying for about a month or so and we are getting about 5 eggs a day,   when the last two get old enough,  which should be this month,  we wil be getting about 7 a day,  which will be good ,  since we  have 3 families that we are supplying.

    I ended up mowing for 3 hours today,  and did not get done, so Friday will be another day on the mower for me.  And of course by Monday,  the grass will be back up to my mid calves.  Another big storm today,  and there is a   tropical storm Danny,  heading this way.   More Rain    !!!!!

   Well,  thats all the news from the south,  
Happy" farming" to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next week. down on the farm.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The farm house

             Hello again.   Yes this is a photo of the farm house as it looks now.  I recently added the front deck on but it is too hot to sit out right now. Will feel much better in winter.  
             The tractor is due back soon.  Seems I was a bit silly, and did not check to see that the gas line was open.  I apparently caught it with my foot.   Silly Me.   I will know next time.  Well,  hopefully there will not be a next time.  But you can see in the photo the grass is growing  tall again.  Time to mow.

            This week I also built a mulch container, for building a mulch pile.  It is nothing fancy.   Just about 4 pallets screwed together,  but it will work well for the time being.  Mixing can be done with the loader on the front of the tractor,  unless I really feel the need to work out the arms and then a pitchfork will do.
           Twice this week I have seen turkeys up next to the house.  Two toms and two hens,  They have been looking for good insects to eat.  they certainly get the chickens up and looking at them  wanting to know what is going on.   The chickens have been out in their tractor several times this week,  usually up under the shade of a few big oak trees,  but I know that there are lots of good grubs under there and some good earthworms.  So they have been quite happy.
           I have some more pickles to put up and I think I am also going to try pickling some figs.  I have had them,  but never tried to pickle them,  and I want to try.   Hopefully that is on tomarrows to do list.  I have been house cleaning the farm house,  getting rid of the ever present cobwebs and dust,  along with all the dirt we track in to get water and gator aid to drink all day.  I need to stock up on that as well.

         Hope everyone is having a great week  .  Happy" farming" to all the farm girl sisters out there.
See you next week. down on the farm.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

the Week in review.

                  Well.  as you can see from the photo,  I finally got to put up some bread and butter pickles this week.  Not a lot,  but better that nothing.  With all the rain that we have had  I have not had too much coming from the garden.  Most is rotting on the vine.
                 Another problem this week,  was while I am out cutting the grass  ( yes, in the rain)  the mower just quits on me.  When I try to restart it,  it makes a dreadful noise and cuts off again.  So  I get down and open the hood,  and then try to start it again.  Well,  the whole engine and the radiator start to shake like nobodies business.  and the engine cuts off.   I am thinking a motor mount has broken,  and this tractor is only two years old!!!!   I am not amused.   You really cannot weld a motor mount back on  with this type of engine,  I better get a new tractor.    It has gone to the shop.

         And then if that were not bad enough,  I go into sew these really cute baby bibs  that I found on line,  and half way thru the sewing machine decides that it is not going to play anymore.   It is not picking up the bobbin thread. So it is in the shop, and won't be done for about two weeks.   I finished the baby bibs by hand.  (not amused)

        Oh my,  I just looked out the window and the SUN is shinning,  for the first time in a week.   I think I almost forgot what is was like to see sunshine.

       The only good thing  this week is that we finally got the boat back from being repaired.  and it did not cost an arm or a leg and maybe if it quits raining for any length of time,,we can go fishing.  That would be fun.

     I am going to be a good farm girl and go clean and organize my recyclables as today is garbage day and I need to get them out.
      Have a wonderful farm girl week and I will see you later.