Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cleaning and Designing

I have been working on cleaning some of the crystals that we got in Arkansas. I had picked up some clusters that I could not really tell if they were any good or not because of all the mud. I have cleaned a few of these and am really happy with what I got. I have started designing some of these to be wire wrapped and set into silver jewelry.
I also went home to visit Mom for a while She is still spry and we had a good time talking about old friends and places we had been. I rode the mower and did a good days work mowing down the weed out at the farm. and yes the rain came every afternoon right on time.

I was elected secretary for the Wild West Bead Society. I will be a fun year. the ladies in this group are very talented and I have learned alot from them. I really feel that my beading has improved due to the teaching and creative help that I have received from them. I hope that we have some great programs and classes this next year.
Back to cleaning crystals

Feelings about Love

While I was at home visiting my Mom, we got to talking about different churches and how they seem to succeed or not. she asked why I had strayed from First P when I got older. I told her it was because that i did not feel that the minister was preaching with love in his heart. I felt somewhat alienated from the church. I told her that many times I did not feel that I could talk to the minister. that I was not important in the grand scheme of things. I did visit other churches and found many were I felt the the minister actually had love in his heart for all of his flock. and that he could preach a sermon that would grab you and compel you to listen to it. That these ministers had some much love for what they were preaching and it spilled over reaching out to everyone that was sitting there. That the love that they had for everyone transcended all worldly problems and that they would pray to God and Jesus with every fiber of their being to help anyone that came to them. That this was lacking at First P. and that the only thing that some of the ministers seemed to been interested only in what you could offer the church, not what the church could offer them. This really bothered me as I felt that I had become some arbitrary number and that only when my number was called, could I approach them and ask for their help.
I think that this is what lead to my comstan searching for the correct church and the minister who would leand a ear to your plight and pray for you right then.
Still searching for that all encompasing love found in Christ Jesus and God. Looking here on earth for it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crystals and the County Fair

Well, I have returned from a very soggy week of camping and crystal digging in Arkansas.
I actually had a great time. Altho the weather was bad, and we only had one good day of sun, the relaxing sounds of the rain hitting the tent really made me slow down and listen to what other sounds there were around me. We saw several deer, an eagle flying over the lake and 20 Canadian geese flying in to sleep. We went to our favorite place for crystals, Wegners Phantom Crystal mine and found a new place, Gee and Dees on Brewster mountain. We found wonderful
points and many beautiful clusters.
We also attended the small county fair that was in Mt Ida. Saw many beautiful quilts, lots of beautiful crystals and other crafts. The people were very friendly nad we vowed to come again next year.

I got several flowers made. but really just spent the time relaxing.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Idea books

I have many ideas for making things with found stuff. I wonder if other people like these sorts of things or am I off in left field ? I need to go to junk shops to find stuff to use, I think that i need to make an idea book with every thing in it so that I can remember what I want to do. I sometimes feel very blessed that I have as many ideas that I have because I think that means that I will always be busy doing things that I like to do.
sometimes I think that I need to retire and just play with my jewlery.
I am going out of town for a few weeks. One place I am going is to hunt for crystals in Arkansas. I hope that I find some beautiful crystals. the thrill of the hunt is just as much fun and camping will be very relaxing.
I of course will be bring some of my bead work. to work on. I feel the need
to work on some of the french beaded flowers.