Monday, July 12, 2010

Retreat to beads

What a wonderful weekend. I spent it with 9 other friends at a bead retreat in North Texas. We had a great time sharing stories, bead patterns and gossip. Learned a few more chain maille patterns and finished a chain maille bracelet. I also got several necklaces well as some wire wrapping done.
One of the wire wrapping projects that I did was a really neat ring. I used a cabachon and then wire wraped around it and the ring portion too. I really need to work on my technique for wrapping the bands together, but other then that, I did pretty good.
I still have a bracelet and a necklace to finish, as well as some peyote. but I am much farther along, and happy with what I got done.
Next weekend is the Bead Faire in Ft. Worth, Tx. the club gets to have a table there and I will be working there on Saterday afternoon for about 4 hours. I hope that we can get some more new people interested in the club,
I am going to get a design program to help with the peyote designs and with loomwork designs. I would like to start teaching beading as a second outlet to my creativity. I have several great ideas, but need to get the patterns up so that I could teach them. I am thinking of small squares that when added together, would produce something small but unique.
I also saw a pattern for a chain maille necklace that I think would look beautiful with crystals added on the chain part. I need to sit down and work it up also.
but first I need ot finish the floor in the den. I thi nk that taking over a week to do this project is just a little much. So I hope to work on it this week.and get it done.
there are still many more projects to do and many more to dream up. I really doubt that I will get it all done in this lifetime. But I am going to try.
I really want to do more chain maille. and am always looking for good patterns to play with. I think that I can do that, either through books or even here on the internet.. Also with the wire wrapping. there must be other ways to get the look that I am after without getting bored with what it is that I can do.
so, raising a glass of wine to all my beading friends, I will retire to the roomw where I put the beads all together. Happy Beading.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th of July.

To celebrate the independence of the United States from English rule. The actual document was signed on the 2nd of July, but the president did not sign until the 4th. The date could have been differednt, but I doubt that the patriotism would change. So to all the people who have fought in all of the wars, Thank You for your service to our country. We do appreciate you.

What a 4th of July weekend. I decided that we would replace the carpet with stained concrete. That was a huge undertaking. Taking up the carpet and moving the furniture was murder on the back and thighs. Have taken numerous pain pills to try and get back to normal. But the room is almost done. Will finish it this week.

We did go to watch the fireworks out at the lake. the weather was much better then last year. There was a slight breeze blowing, and the bugs seemed to be at a minimum. We took our cameras and tried to take lots of photos. Some were good, some were not. We did see something quite interesting. There was a tree at the butterfly garden that was covered in butterflies. Almost like they were mating and laying eggs. but it was so weird seeing all of them clustered together like that. Got a few good pictures of them, and trying to get the name of the butterfly so that I can look it up later. There were also some baby snakes at the pond and I got some good photos of them.
This coming weekend is Create-Away Cottage retreat. there are about 9 ladies going, and we will spend three days there. I have several projects that I am going to take. I need to find a good light to take with me. I have a Ott light but the durn thing hums so bad that it is annoying. So I am off to look for a good light and some fabrick for one of the projects. They are also bring back the massuse that was there last year. I signed up for 1 hour. That should really help my back feel better. I am going to spend time with my friend Carol, cause we never seem to be able to get together. I am so looking forward to that.
I am hoping to get a beadpunk necklace done this weekend as well. I have lots of stuff to use, just really need to sit down and work on it. I also hope to do some wire wrapping and get two rings done, and maybe some others also. I have a really neat black and white spiral necklace that really needs a nice wire-wrapped pendent on it.
I have taken to wearing my jewlery to work in hopes that someone will see it and ask where I got it. that way I can tell them that I make jewlery and maybe get a customer.

Well happy beading, and wait for the report from Create-Away cottage.